Tips for Becoming a Freelance Translator Online

If you have been trying to break into the freelance career path, or are simply looking for an additional income in the online sphere, then becoming a freelance translator online may be a fantastic option.  As more and more companies go global and online marketing and sales becomes more commonplace, the need for freelance translators continues to rise at a rapid rate.  If you aren’t a talented writer, but are multi-lingual, this may be a smart option to begin working your dream job as a freelancer.

Here are some tips if you are seriously considering becoming a freelance translator online:

Wide_Skyscraper_160x600-TranslatorGet reacquainted with all of your languages.  This may be a non-point for some, but if it has been a while since you have read and/or written in your second language(s), then knocking off the rust will be an essential first step to being an effective translator.

Get a handle on technology.  Again, some people may not need any help here, but being familiar with the latest technologies is a must if you are going into business in the online space.  Do some research and get savvy with the programs you will be using the most.

Become knowledgeable in the current events and concerns in any of your working languages.  If there is something devastating or euphoric going on in your client’s world that you don’t know about, then you can never properly serve them.  In addition, you can avoid making a fatal error by saying something that you should have known would offend them.  Spending time abroad can also be beneficial in this career choice, and with your linguistic skills all around.

Understand the field you are getting into.  Being a freelance translator online can be a difficult job for some people because at the core of the job is the plain fact that the work you are translating is not actually yours.  This means that your job is not to add, take away, or change anything from the original author’s work (or as little as possible), and this can actually be very difficult for some.  Lets face it, some of our egos make it almost impossible to remain invisible and allow the original author’s work to shine through without inserting our own personality into the piece.  Understand that you don’t have a right to do this and you will be fine as a freelance translator online.

Remember that it takes time to master anything.  Don’t worry about forgetting a word or two every now and again, the beauty of translating is that it isn’t done in real time like signers have to react on the fly when communicating with the deaf.  You don’t have to be a speedster, but you do need to have a mastery of good mechanics, punctuation, and vocabulary of the language you are translating into.  You will most likely need to improve your linguistic skills in some area or another when first starting out as a freelance translator online, so be patient and keep at it.  You will eventually master the skill!

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Cam Creason

Author: Cam Creason

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