5 Ways to Know if You Are Ready to Strike Out on Your Own

Many people dream of leaving their office cubicle behind for the greener pastures of self-employment.  You are eager to become your own boss, but are you really ready?  Here are five ways to tell:

  1. You are a control freak.  Face it – you yearn for more dominion over your projects, and the thought of someone watching over every little move you do is enough to make you pull out and polish up your resume.
  2. You long for flexibility in your workweek.  You crave the freedom to dictate when, where and how long you work.  Maybe you’re a night owl at heart and do your best work after 9:00pm, long after the office doors have closed.  Or perhaps you’re a mom who wants to be able to take a break during the workday to pick up your kids from school.
  3. You are decisive.  Being self-employed isn’t for the faint of heart; there are times you will have to make difficult or unpopular decisions.  There is no other boss to blame the failed project on – only you.  You have to have the confidence to make quick decisions and be ready to take responsibility for any outcomes.
  4. You have a network to help you.  Every successful entrepreneur learned to tap into the knowledge and support of others in order to grow their business.  You can’t know everything right from the start, but you CAN develop a network of peers to go to for suggestions on how to handle a problem client or for referrals to outsource some of your business functions.
  5. You have a relentless passion.  This is, without a doubt, the most important predictor of your readiness to go into business on your own.  Is your mind constantly drifting to a serious hobby?  Do people say your face lights up and you get really animated when talking about something you love?  You have to have a passion about your work and what you do.  If you don’t believe in or love what you are selling, then why should your customer?  This passion is usually felt on a gut level.  In other words, you can say all the right things – but if you don’t feel it in your being, your message will be incongruent and people will pick up on it.  If the passion isn’t there, don’t quit your day job.

So, is there really any way to know when you are ready to strike out on your own?  Truly the best way is to listen to your heart. Your instincts will tell you… but try not to let fear stand in the way of your dreams!

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Author: Anne Violette

Freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter of 27+ books, seasoned author, professional photographer and designer.

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