The Chaos of Freelancing: How to Optimize Workflow

If you are a freelancer online, and anything like me, it takes an incredible amount of multi-tasking on a daily basis to keep up with the simple job of doing, well… your job.  So how can you optimize workflow? Between password and username spreadsheets, numerous (sometimes excess of 20) open internet tabs for research, multiple emails, social media, calendar, and to-do lists, and whatever is being used for billing, it can absolutely be overwhelming at times, not to mention counterproductive.  Efficiency is directly tied to your livelihood if you are a freelancer, and it can be easy to let digital information overload (DIO as I like to call it) stress you out completely.

In many cases, it can just be much simpler and more cost effective to adopt an online project management system.  This is especially true as your company starts to grow and there are multiple people being counted on to ensure the life of the business.  Before you decide to change your current ways, let me tell you about some of the things a project management system can do to help you optimize workflow.

Individual Project Management.  This allows you to track the progress of a project from start to finish including its cost, detailed parameters, expected completion date, and people who have contributed.  Having this information all in one place can be extremely beneficial.

Gantt Chart.  This is a great software built for scheduling and planning projects, especially if you work with a team.

Lead and Customer Management.  Having potential or existing customers’ contact info and notes all linked under the same file can easily track all related projects, invoicing, and relevant information for a more personal customer service experience.

Data Reports.  Utilize charts, graphs, diagrams, and online reports to quickly and effectively gather the data you need to make decisions.

Website Management.  This tool allows you to manage website details, change requests, customer subscriptions, RSA/AES crypto for passwords, and invoice information very easily allowing you to maintain a better looking and more attractive online presence.

Invoicing and Automatic Renewal.  Billing has never been easier now because you can send PDF invoices, authorize and accept online payments, and program automatic overdue notices with this tool.  It also allows you to program automatic invoices to begin at a specific set time after original customer acquisition.

Calendar and To-Do List.  Easily create events for yourself and staff in this feature so that everyone in your business stays on the same page.  Your To-Do list also remains visible on your dashboard so that you can easily see your upcoming jobs, tasks, and administrative duties. This calendar can help you optimize workflow tremendously.

Adopting a project management system for freelancers may be necessary as you grow into something bigger, as it can be time-consuming to manage everything. Give yourself a break from the mundane, daily tasks with something like MY OFFICE Project Manager Tool, which is both affordable and easy to use. You can optimize workflow and free up some precious time to work, rather than spending all of your time trying to go back and forth between websites, instigate password recoveries or try to remember due dates, milestones and invoices.

Cam Creason

Author: Cam Creason

Cam Creason got his BA in English Literature and also studied Marketing at Arizona State University, but really didn't find his niche until he began writing reviews, blog articles, and business content online in 2009. In January 2015, Cam launched his own company specializing in blog articles, reviews, search engine optimization, and social media for a broad range of industries.

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