Your Brand, Your Logo: How to Design it Right the First Time

What does your logo say about your business?  It can evoke the emotion of your brand, so when it comes to designing your logo; how to design a logo the first time matters.

Logos are the brand and ambassador that represent what you do. For some organizations, it is a preview of the business in visual form.  Plastered on everything from products and brochures to websites, logos work for us 24/7.  Here’s how to design a logo that works just as hard as you do:

  • Make it simple. As tempting as it may be to get really kooky and creative, think about how many logos our eyes are bombarded with each day. Possibly hundreds, along with thousands of photos, words and images on a daily basis. It is really easy to get consumer fatigue. A simple logo makes it simple for customers to remember you.

To solidify this tip, consider the simplicity of the logos used by business giants like Apple (an apple), Target (a bullseye), CNN (clean, basic letters) and Playboy (bunny ears).  Make it easy on your customers by using a clean, uncomplicated logo.

  • Make it memorable. If a customer can recall your logo, it makes it easier for them to remember your business and explain the logo (e.g. your business) to their friends.  Of course, simplicity helps here as well, because a logo with fewer, streamlined parts is easier to recognize and recall than a logo with too many colors and design elements infused into it.
  • Should give a clue about your business. There are two ways to go about this. Either – a) convey what your business does; or – b) illustrate what your business philosophy is.  Start by asking, what does my business do?  Then, think of tools or images that depict those products or services. For example, if you operate a dog grooming service, you could use paw prints or scissors as part of your logo.
  • Make it meaningful. Going back to some of the logo examples, they all have meaning behind them. Target’s use of a bulls-eye, for example, might evoke the assumption that their prices are “right on point” or on target. We don’t need to tell you how meaningful the use of the bunny ears has been for Playboy, or how meaningful the simplicity of an Apple has been for the Apple company. The point is, if you just use something “silly” for your logo because you like it or think it is cute, then your customers may not take you seriously and will certainly not remember it.

As for business philosophy, think long and hard about the message you want your business to stand behind. Everyone identifies with Google, but upon closer assessment, perhaps the swirl sends a message of the global reach. Apple values sleek, futuristic lines along with user-friendly technology for its products.  Their logo matches these values quite well, with a simple yet modern look. They have mastered the logo; how to design it.

  • Give it a personality. Colors and fonts are the big determinants here.  Carefully look at the logos of the competing businesses in your industry.  You don’t want to duplicate them, yet you don’t want to stray too far from the pack.  Are you a serious law firm?  Trying a formal font in classic (gold) or trustworthy (blue) colors.  Do you provide moonwalk rentals for children’s birthday parties?  Use primary colors with a more casual font to convey the idea of children, parties and fun.
  • Make it versatile. Think of all the ways you will use your logo.  A complicated design might be rendered indecipherable when scaled down to fit on the side of a ballpoint pen.  Conversely, a nice light green might work well on a business card, but then be difficult to read on a six foot banner.  Visualize how the logo will look from far away and on a movable surface, such as fabric.  You will want a logo that can go across a lot of mediums and sizes without changing the overall impact.

If you need help designing a logo that meets all of these criteria, it would be wise to trust the professionals. However, you can easilly learn how the experts do it! If you have a knack for the unexpected, or a penchant for design, you can also sign up for the LOGO MASTERCLASS. This is not only useful for small projects, the logo masterclass can be used as another facet of your business, to generate some easy cash flow!

Author: Anne Violette

Freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter of 27+ books, seasoned author, professional photographer and designer.

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