7 Ways to Engage Customers Using Fewer Words

How many times have you thrown money away on advertising that didn’t work? As business owners, we have all tried a number of different strategies to get customers to buy, stay, remember, and continue using our products and services.  Then we become frustrated when they don’t.  We try to pinpoint the problem and find a solution.  It’s like telling a child, “I asked you to pick up your toy 10 times!” and when the child doesn’t listen, it can be frustrating. Here’s the surprising truth: You can engage customers, using fewer words.

We can stomp up and down and pout all we like, but when customers don’t do what we ask them to do (like buy something!) it could be as simple as the message you are sending.  Maybe it’s too complicated! If you have too many products and services and they’re all jumbled up in a big mishmash of confusion and disarray, it can be overwhelming to customers.  So, they don’t buy!  OR, maybe what you’re telling them is simply not memorable.

Consider this. If you try to cram too much in a conversation with someone, they will tune out most of what you say. They will pick out the bits and pieces of what you tell them that are most important. Customers want you to cut to the chase instead of babbling on and on about stuff they only half need or care about.

This is when 7 very important things come into play when trying to engage customers using fewer words…

  1. Choose the words you use to market very carefully. Make it short, sweet (and memorable!)
  2. If you have a lot of services that you are advertising, split them up into different pages on your website. Customers will go to the page they are most interested in – or need.
  3. If you’re doing some kind of other promotion – such as direct mail, or social media, or anywhere else – just pick out ONE of your products or services to market for that moment.  Don’t stuff all of your products and services into one batch and make a laundry list. Otherwise, they will forget it easily.
  4. Develop a simple, catchy tagline that consists of a few powerful words. Something that sticks in customers heads with a little creativity.  Make sure it includes a key benefit of your business! Here’s some great ones you may know of:

Raid – Kills Bugs Dead

DeBeers – A Diamond is Forever

Verizon – Can you hear me now?

Mitsubishi – Wake up and Drive

Energizer – It keeps going and going and going 

  1. Use basic lingo instead of talking over your customers’ heads. Portray your company as smart, yes… but not so smart that the customer feels intimidated. Trying to get too “techie” can backfire when some customers may not understand your industry jargon. Even if it makes sense to you and your colleagues, keep the newbies in mind and address everyone with clear, concise wording that makes sense.
  2. Be witty. Having a sense of humor can engage customers. People like to do business with companies that seem “real” and not too stuffy.
  3. Finally, apply this to ALL of your marketing and not just your tagline. Your mission statement is your reason for being in business and should convey what you will do.  Try not to make it some long, drawn out thing. In fact, having only one sentence should be enough.

Once you learn how to engage customers without being wordy, this will feel empowering. You can churn ad copy as if you were churning a pepper grinder over a big meal.

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Author: Anne Violette

Freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter of 27+ books, seasoned author, professional photographer and designer.

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