Our Story.

Anne Violette Awesome Writer Founder & Brian WuAwesome Writer was founded by Anne Violette in 2007. From its humble beginnings as a one woman show — as a provider of freelance copywriting, ghostwriting of 27+ books, as well as marketing and branding services for hundreds of websites — Awesome Writer now publishes and sells products that are designed to propel your journey into the world of freelancing.

Anne didn’t just “start” Awesome Writer on a whim. She began her career in advertising, and then held positions as a freelance photographer, owner of a publishing company and top retail sales person. Her personal path through these ventures allowed Anne to acquire a multitude of skills that allowed her to go above and beyond for all of her clients – always delivering more than just a bunch of connected words; Anne’s work made a difference in her clients’ businesses.

Awesome Writer has grown over the years. In 2016, Brian Wu joined the team as the new owner. Aside from having a PhD, he has been writing for the likes of the LA Times, the Motley Fool, LifeHack, Healthline, and a host of other top publications. He leads an “awesome” team of writers, editors and designers to help small and large businesses with their marketing projects. Brian is also the brainchild and author of Health Stories for Kids; a series of books designed to encourage and teach health and wellness principles to children.

Brian and Anne are partnered up to help individuals and business owners – both large and small – to succeed in all freelancing endeavors. We want to motivate you, teach you and inspire you with awesome writing!

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