9 Email Marketing Tips for Newbies

We all dislike getting spam in our Email Inboxes. Especially chain letters, like the ones from those people overseas who just want to transfer $10k into our bank accounts for free, in exchange for making a special transaction for their dying relatives who used to live here and work as an English teacher. You get the gist.

However, if you have a business, implementing an email campaign can be very successful if you do the right things to make your prospective customers interested

The point is that if you are a freelancer who is just getting started in email marketing, then you should take notice of how beneficial it can be for your business.

On that note, these are 9 Email Marketing Tips for Newbies:

  1. Use Short & Sweet Subject Lines – Think of a catchy hook or strong action phrase to get your prospects to even WANT to bother opening your mail.
  2. Create Grabbing Headlines – Once they open the email, is it boring? Think of something relevant or use your sense of humor to further lure them to read your message.
  3. Focus, Focus, Focus – Speaking of messages, stick to one. Don’t try to inundate your reader with too many things. It will bore them and confuse them. One strong message is all you need!
  4. Customize – Do you know your recipient’s name(s)?  If so, they are much more likely to read something that is addressed specifically to the first name of the person you are trying to reach, than to so-and-so!
  5. Timing is Everything – Sending your email at the right time is a good way to make them open your email.  People have less in their inbox at night or on the weekend than on busy workdays.
  6. Conversational Copy is Best – Sounding too business-like will be a red flag that you are selling something. Talk to people as if they are your friends and sell your product or service in a witty, yet captivating way.  Tell a story or use your sense of humor, it’s perfectly okay!
  7. Fascinating Font Design – Use bold phrases or italics here and there to create interest.  One long email is just going to lull your readers into a trance.  They may “skim” through, but won’t read the whole thing.  If they don’t, they will pick up key phrases that are in bold.
  8. Spell Check – Maybe I’m a little more ‘anal’ about spelling errors than the average Joe, but spell check is FREE, so go the extra mile to use it before you hit save and send!
  9. Don’t forget the Call-to-Action – What do you want your customers to do? Make a strong call to action, with subtle action phrases throughout your message.  Don’t “sell” them, make them feel like they truly need what you have and that they better act now before the chance becomes less opportune!

Like this: “Apply These Email Marketing Tips Into Your Next Marketing Strategy with Professional Writing. Contact Us Today.”

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Author: Anne Violette

Freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter of 27+ books, seasoned author, professional photographer and designer.

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