5 Limiting Beliefs to Omit From Your Business Startup Vocabulary

You may be thinking about starting a business and know you need to attract and retain customers, while remaining in control. You’ve drawn up a solid business plan, obtained startup funding and gotten the support and go-ahead from your spouse.  You’ve come up with a killer business concept… this time.  It’s straight from your heart, something you’re passionate about, and it fulfills a need for people that makes you feel good.  You’re sure it is what you were always meant to do.

But, wait just one minute, Tiger!  Before you hit the ignition button and start that business, understand one thing (if you don’t already). There will be challenges and there will be times when you question yourself, your abilities, and your business. Fear not!

eReleases-squareDespite whatever challenges you may face, remember that you have the power to shape what they mean to you and your business.  One bakery owner may see an ugly, misshapen batch of cookies as a disaster and loss of profits, while another sees it as an opportunity to donate to a children’s hospital and earn a tax credit.  It’s all going to depend on how you react.

That being said, here are 5 limiting beliefs you may be inclined to feel during moments of frustration after you start a business.  Take these limiting beliefs right out of your Business Startup Vocabulary or you will sink your business quicker than the Titanic:

  1. Hopelessness– Nothing kills ideas or businesses quicker than the belief that something isn’t even possible. Edison had to remake the light bulb 10,000 times before he found the right way to make it.  Belief creates possibility.
  2. Helplessness- If you believe that you can’t do anything because it seems too large, then make your goal smaller. Sun Tzu, the great Chinese philosopher and war tactician wrote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If something is overwhelming, break down your next actions into baby steps.  All it takes is some momentum to get the ball rolling sometimes.
  3. Uselessness- It is very easy for us, humans, to focus only on the short term results of the actions we take. Even though we know better, we sometimes don’t make the right decision because the benefits are too far removed from our peripheral future.  College doesn’t usually feel very useful to students while stressing over homework, papers, tests, and final exams, but after they have been able to support themselves and families for years due to the education and degree they earned, it would seem scary to get by without it.
  4. Blamelessness- One of the most common emotions felt by human beings is blamelessness. We are always seeking scapegoats to share our blunders with. It is in our nature to protect ourselves from feeling emotional pain our entire lives. However, most people allow themselves to blame outside forces for things as justification for their own unhappiness or situation.  This is nothing but cowardice, and as soon as the outside force they blame is gone, they will quickly find something else to blame for not getting what they want.  Don’t be like most people. Play your cards to the best of your ability – with no excuses – and life will eventually give you a winning hand. Then you can take credit, rather than blame.
  5. Worthlessness- If you believe you are not worthy of something, then you will act accordingly. All people have incredible powers inside of them worthy of praise and admiration. The key is to discover what it is you love to do, and then keep doing it until you are the best you can be. Never feel like you are powerless in this world. French poet Victor Hugo wrote: “People do not lack strength, they lack will.”
Cam Creason

Author: Cam Creason

Cam Creason got his BA in English Literature and also studied Marketing at Arizona State University, but really didn't find his niche until he began writing reviews, blog articles, and business content online in 2009. In January 2015, Cam launched his own company specializing in blog articles, reviews, search engine optimization, and social media for a broad range of industries.

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