12 Tips to Creating a Newsletter That Converts

We all get a lot of “stuff” in our inbox these days. Occasionally, there is something worthwhile to save or actually read. Newsletters are one of those things people skim through if they have the time. Creating a newsletter with worthwhile information, coupons or something of value can give customers more of an incentive to tune in.

There is a special skill in creating a newsletter that customers will not only enjoy, save and read, but one that converts.  How can this be done?

Here are 12 Tips to Creating a Newsletter That Converts

1. It may seem obvious, but make sure the content of the newsletter is relevant to your business. Think about newsworthy topics or questions people ask you as a business owner. Give your clients a reason to subscribe. Useful tips, “How-to” articles, industry related workshops and events, suggestions to increase profits, or innovative concepts, are all newsworthy suggestions. Some business owners just get stuck in a rut of mentioning their own current promotions in their newsletters or writing about stuff that people already know.

2. Make your newsletters FOR your customers. What do I mean? Don’t just hype up your own company or product. Give your customers a benefit of reading.  For example, every month I get a newsletter from some cooking company that is basically just a junky advertisement. It says nothing about cooking. Maybe if they had a cool recipe or new cooking idea, I would be more interested.

3. Use links.  Links are a great way to generate traffic to and from your site. Some companies are afraid to post links because they feel like it steers people away from their own website.  Not so.  As an example, if you include statistics or other newsworthy topics, why not share it with your readers? They may find it just as intriguing as you did.

4. Create original content. Not only is plagiarism illegal, it is boring. No one wants to read the same thing 10 times or see recycled content. Really.

5. Stuck for ideas? Scour the internet for industry-related topics that your customers would enjoy. There are plenty of things they don’t know and could learn from you.  Things that may seem obvious to you are not always knowledge that your customers have. When creating a newsletter, always use fresh ideas! We LOVE Tony Shepherd’s Private Newsletter. If you are looking for fresh ideas, you MUST take a look at what Tony is doing to attract new clients… he definitely nailed it!

pink elephant6. Include visuals. When creating a newsletter, pictures, clip art and graphics, add excitement. When I get boring newsletters with no pictures, my short attention span forces me to move on. Your readers may be drawn to a particular image and want to know what it has to do with the article. Remember the pink elephant theory?  If I told you not to think about pink elephants, you would anyway.

7. Promote your own customers. Advertise your customers’ businesses in your newsletters whenever possible. Not only will they appreciate it and be pleased, it will help them to be more successful. They will be grateful to you. Plus, your own readers may be interested to see what type of work you are doing for other clients.  Don’t forget your long-time customers, too, not just the new ones.

8. Add a favorite book, movie or product.  No matter what type of industry you are in, you can find a book that is worthy of mention in your newsletter. It could even be a fiction book, if you are lost for ideas. Everyone loves a good recommendation!

9. Interview an Expert. Do you have a friend or colleague who could contribute to your newsletter?  If so, ask them to write a paragraph or two and then share it with your readers. “Special Guests” can add value to your newsletter.  Plus, it’s one less thing you have to write about. Perhaps your special guest would do the same for you in their own promotions!  As they say, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!” If you don’t know, Just Answer offers a service for you to ask any question and people from around the globe will give you their answers.

10. Include links to all of your social marketing opportunities. Whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, make sure those people reading can be part of your network.

11. Finally, personalize it! If at all possible, use your customer’s first name in your newsletter. People enjoy reading something more if it speaks directly to them, rather than just a mass mailing.

12. Make sure your newsletter is “Responsive” aka – Mobile-Friendly. Over half of your customers will be reading your message from a tablet, smart phone or some type of media device. Test it out before you hit “send”. You should mail it to a co-worker so they can tell you what it looks like on a different computer, etc.

Another idea is to use an easy service like Market2All.com, whose entire niche is in the email marketing business.

Above all, be consistent. Sending a newsletter only once in a blue moon will not engage your prospective customers. However, you don’t want them to “unsubscribe” because you’ve sent newsletters too frequently. Creating a newsletter once a week is perfect, with some extra, individualized emails in between.

Author: Anne Violette

Freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter of 27+ books, seasoned author, professional photographer and designer.

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