10 Tips for Building a Great Landing Page

When people click on a landing page for a product or service, it often elicits a very different look and feel than what is conveyed on a Home Page.  It is attention-grabbing and should make the user feel welcome. An effective landing page should be compelling.  So, as a business owner, what is the best way to go about it?  Just because you have a great landing page does not mean that people will find it, and when they do, will they feel compelled to take action?

Designing a great landing page is a vital component of your marketing campaign.  Whether you have generated traffic through email messages, Adwords, social networking sites or through a blog, the fact that traffic has come to visit means that they are interested.  Once there, your job is not only to hold their interest, but to challenge a ‘call to action’.

Perhaps you have learned this term before. A “Call to Action” is much the same as a salesman would use when you go shopping for a new car or an appliance.  Throughout the sale, he will ask you questions or make thought-provoking statements that will psychologically make you feel like you “NEED” this, no matter what “THIS” may be.  At the end of his pitch, he will ask you if you’re ready to take it home, or he will get you started with the process of buying.

The call to action should be done inconspicuously through the landing page. It can be done more than once.  Examples could include; “Choose xyz Company when you need repairs right away.” Or; “Let us show you why we are America’s Favorite family-owned ice cream company.

Here are 10 tips for building a great landing page:

  1. Don’t make the landing page annoying. These days people click on a landing page and instantly get bombarded with a pop-up of someone either speaking, wanting to chat or one of those annoying boxes that won’t go away.  Say goodbye to these nuisances.
  2. Make it short and sweet. When the copywriting is too long or the graphics are too overbearing, this can be a turn-off to your customers.  Get to the point, but do so in a manner that is friendly, yet persuasive.
  3. Choose lively graphics. Some companies think that daring or funny graphics will turn customers off, especially if the subject matter is serious.  If you’re choosing graphic elements, don’t make them too “cutesy” but don’t make them too serious or boring, either.  Choose graphics that leave a lasting and memorable impression.
  4. Focus on the benefits and value. You know you have a great product or service, but put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  Ask, “What would really make me want to spend money on this or buy it right now.”  Customers don’t really care about the stuff like ‘friendly customer service’ or 20 years in business.  They want to know WHY yours is better than the ambush of competitors.
  5. Develop catchy hooks. Ask a marketing professional to help you develop catchy taglines that make people think, react and that evoke emotion.  Again, memorable taglines are important to be used throughout the landing page, not just in one spot.
  6. SEO Optimized Landing Page: Help the search engines find you by doing a search for the best keywords to sprinkle within the copy.  Don’t be so focused on keywords that you ruin your baseline message, however, DO include them in there as part of the content.
  7. Enticing incentives. Let’s say your customer likes your product or service and bookmarks your page.  But they don’t really NEED what you have today.  They might someday.  How can you transition the “someday” customers into “today” buyers?    Make them an offer they can’t refuse, but only for today!
  8. Customer trust and loyalty is very important, especially since so many companies are online now and even those whom have been in the business the longest must now compete with those new businesses popping up every day. Ask your customers to give testimonials, and make a short paragraph about your company so that customers can see you are the ‘real deal.’
  9. Don’t make a landing page too complicated.  Having too many hyperlinks or buttons to press to click through to other pages often frustrates customers and they may just say, “Forget it.”
  10. Keep the Landing Page Solo. Build one or more landing pages that specifically coincide with an email or Adwords campaign.  These pages should not appear as part of your website and should indeed be a whole separate entity.  You can mention the URL for your site, but keeping the landing page separate from the rest of the doc will help you target specific keywords and make your campaign relevant, while enabling traceable results.

It may take a few tries to truly hone in on your landing page’s effectiveness and ROI. However, getting these 10 Tips for Building a Great Landing Page down pat will save you from overly tweaking, modifying and refining your landing page.

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Author: Anne Violette

Freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter of 27+ books, seasoned author, professional photographer and designer.

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